#4 Romain Kidd on Getting Started with 3D Printing, and 3D Printing in the Future

”They will be everywhere. They will be as common as microwave in your kitchen, and some people have microwaves and others don’t, but this is the type of mainstream adoption we are talking about.” – Romain Kidd

Romain is the CEO of MyMiniFactory. I met Romain towards the end of 2015, and since then MyMiniFactory has expanded their team, moved offices and raised over 700 thousand pounds on Seedrs. In this podcast we cover how to get started 3D printing, where Romain sees 3D printing in 5 years time, and much much more.



Selected Links:


MyMiniFactory – Twitter


Romain on Twitter

BBC Micro:bit

Startup Profile:

Employees: 15

Fund Raised: £700k +

Music Credit: Stingray by The Nude Party

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